AnyCast New Firmware Upgrade 1080P TV Wireless Display Dongle Receiver For IOS And Android Devices

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Anycast Firmware Upgrade
WIRELESS DISPLAY RECEIVER FOR TVS AND PROJECTORS. AnyCast is the perfect companion to modern mobile devices. Whether using a phone, tablet or laptop, users easily and wirelessly connect to an HDTV to turn a dumb display into a smart device. Share pictures and videos, listen to music, run apps, or use the HDTV as an extended screen for your device, giving more room to work. No matter what the application is for wireless display, AnyCast is the perfect solution for home, classroom and meeting room! WIRELESS DISPLAY IS INCREDIBLY COOL! This amazing technology is already built in to AirPlay-enabled and Miracast-enabled devices, empowering them to connect wirelessly to large displays with a swipe or a click. Most of our favorite applications and content are on mobile devices. In the past, users were forced to use antiquated media players connected to TVs or scrambled to find cables to connect devices to larger screens. Now with AnyCast, what users see on the mobile device, they see on the big screen, instantly – no limitations, no restrictions, and no hassle. WIRELESS DISPLAY – WITHOUT WI-FI Enjoy better quality with a dedicated wireless connection directly to an HDTV. Plug it in and get pristine picture and sound, wirelessly. Best of all, users don’t need a Wi-Fi network or wireless router.
1. AnyCastNewwireless HDMI dongle has customized design which relaxes you from the tired daily life. 2. With AnyCast New, you can enjoy your favorite videos, photos and movies on the best display in the house. 3. Simply connect the tiny adapter to your HDTV and you can wirelessly display content from a compatible laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Anything you can see on your laptop or tablet, you can see on your HDTV. 4. Perfect for home or on-the-go, just take it with you to enjoy advanced technology. Features 1. High-definition image: - Support 1080P, you can connect PC, smartphone or iPad to TV or projector, whatever you see on your mobile device's display, you can mirror onto the HDTV or projector, create your own exclusive cinema, enjoy different audio-visual feast 2. Broad compatibility: - Compatible with Android 4.2, Mac OS, iOS 7.0, Windows Play games or share photos and videos with your family on big screen, without having to huddle around the tiny screen of a mobile device. Also, support multiple formats of photos, videos and files, out of the shackles of cable, the meeting has become intelligent and efficient 3. Small and light design: -Save the space so that it is portable for you to use it anytime and anywhere.
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